Graduate Courses

Art & Ethics, UNAM, 2017
Areas covered: Aesthetics, ethics, philosophy of mind


Undergraduate Courses (Primary Instructor)

Ethics and the Health Sciences, Auburn University, 2020 & 2021
Areas Covered: Normative ethics, applied ethics

The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation, University of Southampton, 2018.
Areas covered: Aesthetics, applied ethics, metaphysics

Personal Decisions, University of Michigan, 2013
Areas covered: Applied ethics, feminism, formal epistemology, metaphysics, moral psychology, normative ethics, philosophy of action

Philosophy and the Arts, University of Michigan, 2013
Areas covered: Aesthetics, feminism, meta-normativity/value theory, metaphysics, philosophy of race

Puzzles in Philosophy, University of Michigan, 2011
Areas covered: Metaphysics, philosophy of action, philosophy of art, philosophy of language


Undergraduate Courses (Teaching Assistant)

Critical Thinking, University of Michigan, 2016
Areas covered: Sentential logic , decision theory, social psychology, probability theory

The University of Michigan: A Moral Institution?, University of Michigan, 2015
Areas covered: Applied ethics, normative ethics, political philosophy

Moral Principles and Problems, University of Michigan, 2011 & 2015
Areas covered: Applied ethics, normative ethics, moral psychology, social psychology, political philosophy, philosophy of race

Introduction to Symbolic Logic, University of Michigan, 2013
Areas covered: Sentential and predicate logic, meta-logic

Introduction to Philosophy, University of Michigan, 2010 & 2012
Areas covered: Applied ethics, epistemology, formal epistemology, metaphysics, normative ethics, philosophy of religion, political philosophy


Sample Teaching Materials

Annotated and abridged copy of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (in full – various courses)

Annotated and abridged copy of Kant’s Groundwork of a Metaphysics of Morals (excerpt – various courses)

Lecture on feminist and other criticisms of modern ethical theory (Ethics and the Health Sciences, introductory undergraduate course, Auburn University, 2021)

Summary of and Questions concerning Noël Carroll’s ‘Moderate Moralism’ BJA (1996), (Art & Ethics, UNAM, graduate seminar, 2017)

Guide to approaching derivations in propositional logic (Intermediate Logic, University of Michigan, 2013)